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There's something for everyone at O. Henry Golf.  Whether you're a beginner teeing up for the first time or a competitive player that wants to hone your technique, we have the perfect program for you.  For some students, that can mean one-on-one golf lessons with a personalized lesson plan; for others, it can mean learning with other golfers in a relaxed group setting.  Whatever your desired environment, we want you to work on your golf game when your comfort level is at its highest.  O. Henry Golf offers every type of lesson program to suit your preferred style of learning.  You'll see your game improve and your enjoyment level increase with every lesson.

Private Instruction

  • Traditional Swing Analysis

    Our traditional swing lesson — the basic swing analysis — involves a one-hour session with the instructor on the driving range or practice greens and includes range balls.  Our instructor will analyze your swing from two different angles, set a goal for the lesson, assign drills where applicable, and monitor your swing progress throughout the lesson.  If you are a first-time student with O. Henry Golf, you can expect the following:

    • An interview to assess the status of your game and goals.
    • A discussion of any physical limitations that you may be experiencing.
    • A gradual warm-up, hitting balls and getting comfortable on the range.
    • Your swing analyzed from two different angles.
    • A goal established for that particular lesson.
    • A game plan for the next step to ensure your steady progress.
  • Course Management & Playing Lessons

    Let's face it — sometimes your "driving range" swing is not the swing that you bring with you to the course.  By scheduling a playing lesson — a session that takes place on the golf course — our instructor will be able to determine if any old habits are resurfacing in your swing or if your course management skills are lacking.  Executing a golf shot involves not just the correct swing techniques but also the proper judgment in club selection and playing percentages.  Benefit from some real-world advice on the true playing field by signing up for one of these sessions.

    You have the option to select either a one-hour on-course lesson or a full nine-hole lesson, which lasts approximately 2.5 hours.  Nine-hole playing lessons are based on tee time availability, and additional golf fees (paid directly to the course) may apply.

Contact Us For Current Rates & Pricing

*Please let us know if you are an active-duty military personnel, veteran, firefighter, or police officer.               

**A Word About Juniors: Although you may not see a dedicated section for juniors, many of our programs can be customized for junior golfers based on their goals.  Contact us for more information.

Schools & Clinics - Not Available At This Time

  • Private Groups - Please note that O. Henry Golf is not offering Clinics at this time

    Many of our private lesson packages are also offered in a group setting, especially the New Players series and the series just for women golfers.  So if you prefer learning with others around, gather a few of your friends and co-workers for your own private group package.  Contact us for details.

  • Specialty Clinics - Please note that O. Henry Golf is not offering Clinics at this time

    Throughout the year, O. Henry Golf offers opportunities to sharpen specific areas of your game with a series of specialty clinics.  These sessions can also be customized for private groups.  Topics include:

    • Short Game - Learn putting, chipping, pitching, sand, and approach shots.
    • Shape Your Shots — Learn to shape your shots by learning how to fade, draw, and hit low punch shots and high shots.
    • Trouble Shots - Learn how to hit from these difficult lies: uphill, downhill, sidehill, ball in a divot, "fried-egg" lies in the bunker, and ball embedded in the bank of a sand bunker.